Summer Schools

Over the course of the project's eligibility period, CoHaB is hosting three annual summer schools, two of which are also open to the wider public. Hosting institutions are Northampton, Mumbai and the SOAS. The summer schools are week-long events which combine various ESRs' and ERs' contributions with lectures, workshops and network panels given by invited specialists in the field of diaspora studies.

These events consist of a network panel, where a specific aspect of diaspora studies is addressed from interdisciplinary perspectives by participating faculty and external ex­perts, and individual workshops in which ESRs will present their project progress to their peers, international supervisors, and external experts invited to this purpose. In addition, the 2013 Northampton summer school offered CoHaB's core course, an interdisciplinary introduction to diaspora theory drawn up and taught by the two ERs Dr Dace Dzenovska and Dr Lynda Ng; and all summer schools organize various talks and workshops on complementary skills for diaspora scholars.

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