Why have children? That is a common question by new couples today. Even those with children already still ask the same question. Under such circumstances, they go for meaning rather than reasons. All said, there are many reasons why children are important to us.

We don’t have children as a fulfilment to societal expectations or because our parents did it too. There is a meaning in having children. It’s more of spiritual, logical and even intangible. Children represent the future and act a source of pride to parents. They are a source of future security and financial support. To that end, here is a list of how important is to have children:

Kids nurture our personalities

Taking care of young children requires a strong heart. There are stages where it even becomes gruelling especially during the transition from childhood to teenagers. However, it’s through committing to care that parents are pushed into superior maturity. They cultivate our souls and condition us to be regard of others.

Parents get to be young again

You are likely to do childish things when you have children. Practically, at no time will you see couples without children play or visit Disneyland. The reason is that such activities are for parents with children only. As a parent, you can play any games or even watch cartoons with your kid.

Children equal love

We always grow to love those we serve. Therefore children can be a good source of love in our lives. Imagine coming from work after a busy day and receive a genuine hug from your child. Such moments define love in our lives.

Parenthood improves health

Parenthood is responsibility. As parents, one is tasked to take care of others. Parents are therefore likely to care for themselves in order to be there for his kids. Being a parent gives one a driving force which positively enhances good health.

A family improves your self-esteem

How do you feel when your child says om, you are the best thing I have ever had in the world’? You feel proud right? There are huge rewards once a parent makes a commitment to serve and provide for his family. You feel the impact of having children and this influences your self-confidence.

Children are wealth

Bringing up children calls for great investment plans. You need to care for them all around. Those expenses may appear overwhelming especially for parents experiencing financial stress.

This pushes for parents to work extra hard in order to meet requirements for their family. Children here act as a motivating factor to look for more wealth in order to meet daily expenses.

The bottom line

True happiness lies in having a family. Knowing you will wake up every day with a daughter or son on your side is the best feeling in the world.