Incorporate Time for Fellowship with each Other!

Find time to fellowship with your partner from time to time. This means that you make time and be there for and with them mentally, spiritually and even physically. If you have a very demanding job, for instance, find ways in which you can adjust your schedule to ensure that your partner does not get left out. Fellowship with your partner helps to put you two on the same page. It helps you develop an interest in the same things and work on what is constantly an issue in your relationship.

Spending time in fellowship with your partner also increases the level of commitment from both ends. This is true because the more time you spend together, the more it shows that your partner is among the very many important things in your life. Spending time together also means that you create time to be intimate sexually and this helps create a strong bond
between you and your partner.

Find ways to spice up your sex

What ways are you using to ensure that you are having a good time in bed? If your partner constantly shows disinterest during that time you want to get intimate, it means that there is something missing. Another thing is that some partners assume that all they want during sex is known to their significant other. You need to have a conversation with your partner and keep them on the know on what it is they do right or wrong when you are getting intimate. There are products known as Spanish Fly that can be used to enhance a good sexual experience.

Sex is not only to help you start a family. Instead, it is to help you bond. This product is available online and even if your woman is not ready to start a family, they can use the product mainly for pleasure for the both of you while getting intimate. The Spanish Fly product has advantages in that it has natural ingredients, can be used by women of any age and you do not need the prescription of a doctor.